12/05/2018 - DP - Session 9 - Part 1 of 2 - The Church

Bible Readings:

Catechism Reading: Paragraph 777

Review, Link & Introduce

  • In the last couple classes we learned how our relationships with others are important to becoming the best version of ourselves and the difference between romantic love and agape love.

  • This week we will begin to learn about the Church and the powerful role it can play in our lives as well as the vital role we have in the mission of the Church. 

Decision Point: Session 9 - The Church 
                                          (StudentWorkbook Link)

  • Decision Point Opening Prayer (Pg 215)

Open Q&A

Action Items

  • Continue working on the Saint paper for your Confirmation name

  • Re-watch the videos from session 9

Upcoming Class Schedule

  • 12/12 - Attend Parish Penance Service

  • 12/19 - Group Service Project - Clean Church Pews (Bring a bucket & Sponges)

  • 12/26 - NO CLASS

  • 1/2 - NO CLASS

  • 1/9 - Session 9 - Part 2

Closing Song:

Closing Prayer


10/31/2018 - DP - Session 5 - Part 1 of 2 - The Bible

Bible Reading: Luke 2: 41-47 
 Catechism Reading: Paragraph #101 
 Opening Prayer: Litany of Saints  

Review, Link & Introduce 

  • In the last class we discussed the importance of regular prayer to our spiritual life and a specific way we can pray. 
  • This week we will look at what the Bible is and why it is so essential to our faith. 

Decision Point: Session 5 - The Bible   
                                          (Student Workbook Link) 
Other Discussion Items 

  • Picking a Saint name 

Open Q&A 

Action Items 

  • Pick up that bible and read one chapter 

  • Class Next Week (11/7) - Session 5 - Part 2 

Closing Song:  

Closing Prayer 

10/24/2018 - DP - Session 4 - The Prayer Process

Bible Reading: Mark 1:35

Catechism Reading: Paragraph #2744

Opening Prayer

Review, Link & Introduce

  • In the last couple classes we learned that all of our sins lead us to slavery and away from the freedom that God wants for us.  Fortunately, we also learned that through Jesus's life, death and resurrection we can be reconciled and forgiven by God if we are willing to make the biggest decision of our life to follow Jesus.

  • This week we will learn what the four most important questions are that we all must answer and how to use the best tool God has given us to answer those questions.  The questions are: Who are you? What are you here for? What matters Most? and What matters Least?  The tool we will learn to use better is: Prayer. 

Decision Point: Session 4 - The Prayer Process 
                                          (StudentWorkbook Link)

  • Decision Point Opening Prayer

  • Journal (Pg. 105)

  • Decision Point Closing Prayer (Pg. 108)

  • Crossword Puzzle (Pg. 109)

Open Q&A

Action Items

  • Accept the challenge to set aside a time and place to pray every day for the next 30 days.
    • Use the "4.4 - The Best Way to Learn" video to guide you through that prayer time.
      • The key to using any good tool is to START using it and then PERSEVERE through the struggles of learning to use the tool and the challenges to turning its use into a habit.

  • Did you load the Decision Point App on your Phone or iPod Touch?
    • Show how to download the audio portion of the "4.4 - The Best Way to Learn" video to a mobile device so you can pray with this audio any time and any place.

  • Re-watch the videos from session 4

  • Class Next Week (10/31) - Session 5 - Part 1

Closing Song:

Closing Prayer


10/23/2018 - Parent Note about Prayer Challenge

Hello Parents, Family Members, and Sponsors,

Our class on Wednesday, 10/24, will be learning about prayer.  Along with teaching Why Pray? there are videos that teach the kids a process for praying and why it is important to set aside a regular time every day to pray.

At the end of the lesson there is a challenge to set aside a particular time every day for 30 days to pray using the new prayer process that is taught in the lesson videos.  The purpose for this is to begin to build a habit of regular prayer.

The primary reason for this short note is to encourage you as parents, family members, and sponsors to also accept the 30 day prayer challenge and to use the same prayer process that is taught in class.  What better way to support your child in developing a stronger prayer life than for them to see you using the same prayer process on a daily basis.

Every class has six videos.  I would encourage you to watch all of the videos but if you are short on time, watching the videos titled "Introduction - Silence", "4.3 - The Prayer Process", and "4.4 - The Best Way to Learn" will prepare you for accepting the 30 day prayer challenge.

Thank You for Considering Participation in this Challenge!